Some of us like to ride alone – relax, unwind, be in the moment. Others are inspired by the sense of belonging and the social scene which motorcycling can offer. Riding by yourself, or riding with some friends, and pulling up to a destination where bikes are already parked and riders are socializing. It makes your heart pump a little faster. There’s a camaraderie in motorcycling which is not echoed in other pastimes.

There are other ways to get social. Hook up with – an online community organizing fun and informative chats, hang outs, virtual events, Q & As and even live gatherings.

You can join a riding group. Many motorcycle dealerships and shops host their own social events throughout the riding season. The socializing doesn’t stop when the snow flies. 

Canada’s Motorcycle Shows offer an excellent off-season opportunity to socialize with your friends, new and old, while checking out the latest and greatest offerings of the Canada’s diverse motorcycle community.