Touring bikes are designed to cover miles. They give up a little performance when compared to a sport bike all in the name of being comfy. These bikes have the ability to store travelling gear and clothing in their hard lockable luggage. Touring bikes often have cruise control, communication systems, heated grips and seats and even stereos. Touring bikes have the best wind and element protection.

To accommodate the comfy ergonomics the touring bike tends to be big and long. It is the heaviest of all motorcycles. Pure touring bikes tend to be pretty large displacement in the 1600 cc up category. They don’t tend to rev very high but rely on torque to lope down the highway.

Touring bikes can also morph into sport and adventure touring models. As you might expect the sport touring bikes are smaller, lighter and more performance designed. The adventure touring bikes are designed to remain stable even when the pavement ends. These are sort of hybrids and you can find bikes that will best match your personal needs. No one bike can be all things to all people so you have lots of options to choose from.

Super comfy
Great wind protection
Long distance fuel range
Lots of luggage carrying capacity
Big & heavy for a new rider