• Honda CBR 1000rr Grand Prix
    Honda CBR 1000rr Grand Prix

Sport bikes are designed first and foremost to deliver performance. They are the two wheeled equivalent of a Ferrari, Corvette or Mustang. In many cases they share their lineage with race bikes. Sport bikes have comparatively high-performance engines with lightweight frames. Riders have a more tucked-in riding position, and a sport bike’s aerodynamic bodywork, or fairings, help shield riders from wind buffeting. Sport bikes also range in size, from 250 ccs up to 1300. For those interested in doing track days, these are the perfect bikes for the purpose

Sport bikes can be sub-classified as super-sport bikes with fully enclosed plastic, carbon or composite fairings. Super-sport bikes tend to have their power higher in the RPM range where racers tend to live.

Sport bikes can also be naked, meaning they have very small upper fairings or no fairings at all. Naked bikes tend to be designed with more attention to mid-range power and torque. This accommodates a lower RPM. Naked bikes tend to have higher handle bars and lower footpegs than their super-sport contemporaries.