• BMW R1250GS
    BMW R1250GS

Does it get any better than this? Dual sport or on-/off-road motorcycles, are street legal machines that are also designed to enter off-road situations. These bikes are typically based on a dirt bike chassis, they have added lights, mirrors, signals, and instruments that allow them to be licensed for public roads. Generally, dual sport bikes are taller than typical street bikes, with higher ground clearance and longer suspension travel to deal with rough terrain. They are lightweight and have nimble handling.

Adventure bikes are also dual-sport motorcycles but typically have larger engines and larger gas tanks and are built to take on more distance. They are often outfit with all things necessary for adventure – GPS and heated grips, extra lights for visibility, side bags, a top case and a tank bag. Adventure knows no hardship.

You may find that the best bikes off-road are generally smaller (size and displacement), lighter and more nimble. The bikes that are best on-road tend to be larger (size and displacement) and more steady at highway speeds.

The same goes for the tires. Adventure tires are rated by percentage use i.e. a 90/10 tire is designed for 90% pavement with the odd forage into the dirt. A tire with lots of knobs to bite in the dirt means less rubber on the road. Dual sport bikes and tires are a balance in priorities.

On road. Off road. The choice is yours.