• Ducati Diavel
    Ducati Diavel

Cruisers, Customs, Retros, Bobbers, Trackers, Vintage and more style-friendly motorcycle designs fall into a unique category of cool. They generally have lower seats and a relaxed riding position with outspread legs and arms. Cruiser engines are tuned for more low-end torque, making them less demanding to ride because it’s not necessary to shift as frequently.

Cruisers have a laid-back style. Bars are high and footpegs are forward. Seats are often cushy and stepped for the passenger. Chrome is king or queen in the group.

Customs are like cruisers but modified further to suit the personality of the owner. The can be new modified to look retro or retro vintage bikes modified to look new. This is the “to each his/her own” category.

Retros are a popular category. These are new bikes designed to look vintage. They can be Retro Racers, Retro Classics or Retro Customs. Bobbers are like Retros but only have one seat and the back end looks “bobbed off”. Trackers are also a specific Retro style that mimic the look of dirt track racers.