Manitoba Dirt Riders

Manitoba Dirt Riders Inc. (MDR) is a board governed non-profit corporation dedicated to ensuring sustained off road riding in a family based atmosphere.  Through respect, teamwork and dedication it is our hope to give a unified voice to off road riders in the province of Manitoba.

The name Manitoba Dirt riders originated in 2007 as a Facebook page that promoted race schedules for MX and harescrambles from across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North Dakota. 2008 saw the birth of the Wheat City Cross Country team.  Mike Vodon, Chris Jebb, Marshall Askew, Gerald Bos, and Brent MacDonald (current MDR President), would travel down to harescrambles in North Dakota put on by KTM Cycle Hutt.  At the Melita MMA race they saw a poster for a hare scramble in Tuelon, and they connected with Keith Lillies.  The group traveled to Tuelon and got stuck in the hay field as there was a torrential down pour.  The race was cancelled and rescheduled for a few months later.  They ventured back and a race happened.  Approximately 75 % of the bikes in attendance were blown up due to the water/ mud.  This was Pat Wickett's first time back on a bike in many years.  A 3rd event happened and was also rained out.

After the Peterson Coulee race, Greg Heinrichs teamed up with Mike Vodon and approached Brent MacDonald to look into what it would take to start a provincial hare scramble series. With the help of Keith Lillies, the ground work was laid out and the work load was divvied up.

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