Motorcycle safety is a top priority for The Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council (MMIC).
With May being the start of peak riding season, motorcycles are now back on our city streets, country roads and highways, in full-force.

The MMIC believes strongly that all road users – including car and truck drivers, motorcycle and scooter riders, bicyclists and pedestrians – have a shared responsibility to look out for each other and keep each other safe on our roads.

Each May, during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the MMIC takes the opportunity to encourage safe riding habits among all motorcyclists and safe driving habits among all road users.

Whether you’re joining the sport for the first time, coming back to riding after an extended time away, or getting ready to start the spring season, these 10 tips will keep you riding safely all season long:

1) Ease back into riding season by getting comfortable on your motorcycle.
2) Check your bike regularly to ensure tires, controls, lights and fluids are all in good working order.
3) Practice key riding skills like quick swerves, u-turns, emergency braking, figure 8, turning etc.
4) Gear up, every ride, with an approved helmet, as well as a jacket, pants, gloves and boots.
5) Choose hi-visibility, bright-coloured riding gear to be seen.
6) Be aware of the weather and adjust your riding style and riding gear accordingly.
7) Ride defensively by remaining vigilant, staying situationally aware and avoiding threats.
8) Stay at a safe distance from other vehicles so you have the time and space to react if necessary.
9) Stay out of blind spots by riding in front or behind vehicles, rather than to the side of vehicles.
10) Ride in staggered formation on group rides to allow each rider to have a clear view ahead.

Car and truck drivers should also be on the look out for scooters and motorcycles on the roads, by practicing these safe driving tips all season long:

1) Always check your mirrors and blind spots, especially before turning or changing lanes.
2) Take that second look to better judge the speed and distance of a motorcycle in your vicinity.
3) Allow for extra room to avoid cutting-off a motorcyclist.
4) Allow for extra space when driving behind a motorcyclist.

Remember, the person in that helmet, is someone’s friend, colleague, neighbor or relative – we all have a shared responsibility to watch out for each other!

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