Just like with any vehicle, you don’t plan to have an accident or have your bike stolen, but if you do, you want to make sure you have the best insurance for your needs. Whether you are buying coverage for the first time or renewing your motorcycle or moped insurance, your policy may typically include third-party liability, accident benefits and possibly additional insurance benefits.

As with licensing, requirements are province specific. Your insurance representative can provide detailed information about the coverage requirements in your province or territory and what insurance options are available.

Insurers base your insurance rate upon factors similar to those used for rating auto insurance, such as:

  • Your age (in some provinces/territories)     
  • Your riding experience
  • The type of motorcycle or moped you ride

Taking a training course may reduce your insurance premiums. Bundling your motorcycle insurance with other insurance policies you have may help as well. Maintaining a safe riding record can also keep your premiums down. Shop around. Ask questions. And ride safe.