Do I Need To Take A Course?

No debating, the answer is YES! You need to take training. In fact in some provinces it is mandatory.

Admitting that you would be a better rider with training is not admitting a fault. It is coming to the realization that you can always be better. Why not take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a training professional. It can save you money and possible injury or embarrassment in the long run.

In most provinces the License Office, DMV or Ministry of Transportation will offer in-house testing. You can just show up and complete the practical portion of the licensing criteria and sha-bam you have your license. You can master the clutch and the fine art of navigating cones without having the slightest clue of how to survive on the road. Just because you passed the test doesn’t mean you’re ready to ride on the road. Don’t confuse testing with training. Take training!

Specialized motorcycle training schools are present in each of the provinces. These schools can fast-track you through the beginner phase and allow you to get your intermediate license in a shorter period of time. Depending on the province a good portion of the restrictions will be removed with this license. Most training schools will provide a smaller displacement, easy to handle motorcycle to train on. You will be required to wear appropriate riding gear to take the course. Please check with the course in advance to see what riding gear they can provide and what you will have to buy or borrow.

All of your car experience will not prepare you to be a good motorcycle rider. It will not tell you where to ride in the lane or how to protect yourself entering an intersection. Additional considerations on a motorcycle include cornering techniques, traction considerations, using separate front and back brakes, etc. Take training!

Just do it, take the training from a professional! See our links page for a training course near you.