Maybe you’ve wanted a bike for a long time. Maybe the idea to ride a bike just pops in every now and then. Maybe today is the day. Where do you start?

Your local motorcycle dealership is a great place to start. The staff of the dealership have likely been there and done that. Regardless of the type of riding or the type of bike you may be interested in. Dealership staff will be more than happy to share their love for the sport, and their knowledge of the various options available.

On-line forums can be a good source of information. What to ride, where to ride, who’s riding and where to meet up. As with all on-line forums though, check your sources.

Consider training. Most motorcycle training schools will provide the motorcycle and some will provide the riding gear as well. You can take your first step without having to buy a bike. You can see if motorcycling is right for you by taking a course first.

Don’t forget your riding gear. To ride safely, you must have:

  • proper helmet
  • eye protection
  • proper boots
  • riding jacket and pants
  • riding gloves