When is it okay to stagger? When you’re riding with your friends on motorcycles of course.

Our friends at FMQ provided the diagram above. In their model they recommend riding in packs of 3 separated from the second pack by 5 seconds. This allows another car or motorcycle to work its way past or across a long line of motorcycles.

Another theory suggests that the lead motorcycle to ride in the left tire track with the second bike one second behind in the right tire track.

The group repeats the first two rider positioning all the way to the back of the pack. This provides 2 seconds between bikes in the same tire track. This works good for blocking vehicles that may want to push into the middle of the pack.

It’s your call, just make sure you all talk before the ride to determine the formation.

When riding in a group it’s important to stay aware and supplement turn signals and gradual braking with the appropriate hand signals (yes, we all know the rider that never turns off their turn signals).

A hand signal breaks the concentration of the following rider and prevents sudden reactions down through the group.

A safe distance is dependent on the situation. Look ahead to predict sudden changes in traffic flow, upcoming corners or on road
hazards. When in doubt, slow down a little and stay safe.