What is your comfort zone?

Comfort begins with having your bike set-up for you. Motorcycle Ergonomics 101 will tell you that every motorcycle made can be personalized. Short or tall seats maybe available for your bike that will make it more comfortable and easier to touch the ground when you stop. Controls are adjustable so that you can change the reach or the angles of the brake and clutch levers.

The same applies to the brake pedal and shift lever. If you’re not experienced with wrenches, you should consider booking an appointment with your dealer’s service department to have them customize the fit. Proper ergos can make a night and day difference to your comfort.

The second comfort zone revolves around you riding skills. If you are a new rider, you may shy away from moto socials because you are not comfortable riding in a group. You may not like roads with lots of turns or you may not like stop and go traffic. The only way to get more comfortable is to gain more confidence in your skills. Confidence is easily acquired if you practice your riding skills and/or take riding courses. A training course can break any bad habits and teach you great practice drills including practising your brakes, your turns and emergency maneuvers.

Speed can also be intimidating.  It can quickly take you out of your comfort zone. Your comfort with speed is directly related to how far you look ahead. It is also dependent on your ability to plan for changes in speed. If you want to stay calm and well within your comfort zone you need to get in the habit of looking far enough forward to be able to react to changes well in advance. If you feel a sense of panic or anxiety it is a signal to look up and look where you want to go.

A little practice and a few tweaks to your motorcycle’s ergonomics can ensure your rides are enjoyable experiences. You should always aspire to be the best rider that you can be and take all the available steps to get there.