You’ve been waiting all winter for this! It’s finally spring and based on the view from the living room window it’s riding time. Just remember that it’s never as warm a few kilometres into your maiden journey as it was warming up your bike in the driveway so here’s a couple quick tips to make sure your first ride is fun, safe and a great beginning to the new season.

  • Check the forecast and the temperature and dress for it not the perceived conditions you experienced looking out the living room window. Remember ATGATT! All The Gear All The Time!
  • Give your bike a once over making sure your tires are properly inflated and that you have fully completed your winter maintenance jobs.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your first ride should stay relatively close to home.
  • Consider making your first destination of the day a close by parking lot where you can practice your skills and refresh your muscle memory.
  • Cold, dirty roads don’t offer very good traction. Ride cautiously but confidently.
  • When you stop for a break give your bike a second once over (does that make it a twice over)?
  • Take some pictures, post your first ride on social media and make all your non-riding friends think “dang, I should buy a motorcycle”. The more the merrier and the more motorcycles on the road the more visible we become.