Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of complex skills. Three questions jump out at this theory. 1 – is motorcycle riding a complex skill? 2- can I fast track it? 3 – what happens if I practice the wrong skills?

Motorcycle riding is a very complex skill that involves the use of both hands and both feet to operate the controls. Sort of like a drummer in a band. It takes tremendous coordination especially when at speed.

Achieving mastery can happen fast for some and slower for others. Motorcycle rider training schools can definitely accelerate the process. There are basic, advanced and refresher courses available across the country. Your ability to fast track your learning curve is a little dependent on genetics and a lot dependent on the effort you put into improving.

Practicing the wrong skills can decelerate the learning curve. Training courses extend beyond the classroom and practice area. The class drills can easily be replicated in a vacant parking lot. Skills like looking where you want to go can be practiced every day.

Practice may not make you perfect, but it will make you the best rider that you can be.