Your hands initiate almost everything you do. Make sure you protect your hands. Motorcycle specific gloves are a necessity. Once again leather will provide the most protection when choosing gloves. A hybrid of leather and textile is another choice and these can be more hot-climate friendly. Pure textile gloves provide the least protection. Textile gloves designed for off road riding and motocross will provide little to no protection in the event you fall and go palms down on the pavement.

Boots are an often overlooked piece of safety equipment. Boots need to cover and protect your ankles. They should have proper fasteners to stay on your feet. Footwear with laces maybe stylish but make sure laces don’t get caught up in the motorcycle’s operating parts. When choosing boots, leather is still king. Synthetic leather-like material is also very popular in sportbike boots. Some boots offer Goretex or similar waterproof membranes. Touring riders gravitate towards the protection from the elements. Sportbike riders may prefer boots that vent.

Many riding gear manufacturers are trending towards a motorcycle-specific hi-top style of running shoe. They offer ankle protection and aren’t too out of place in a restaurant or coffee shop. Again, though, make sure to secure the laces.