ABS Brakes

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Maximum braking force is achieved just before ABS is activated. When ABS becomes active it releases brake pressure to prevent the locking of the wheel and skidding of the tire. If ABS releases brake pressure it extends the distance required to stop. That is why race bikes don’t have ABS.

ABS is a safety tool not a performance tool. Hopefully 99% of the time you won’t even know you have it. The 1% of the time it activates it will save you from a possible crash. If you are activating your ABS all the time you may have the grip strength of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the vision of a blind person or the reactions of a sloth (too much, too late). Either way you need to correct your braking skills.

Once again practise is the key. Find a parking lot and try activating the ABS in a stop. Keep practising trying to achieve minimum braking distance and minimum ABS intervention. Make the proper procedure your reaction and your muscle memory.